Wednesday, 28 November 2007


Thanks to Johannes Tolk for this:

Proboscis is an artist-led studio which combines artistic practice with commissioning, curatorial projects, design and consultancy. Collaboration is at the core of our creative practice and ethic: Proboscis works across disciplines and practices, working with associate artists, writers, curators, critics, designers, technologists, filmmakers, scientists and theorists to explore social, cultural and creative issues.

Our work includes large scale collaborative artworks such as Mapping Perception, long term media works such as Urban Tapestries and DIFFUSION Generator, multi-project initiatives involving in depth research and a high level of public participation such as Social Tapestries, smaller scale artworks, interventions and films such as Topographies and Tales, experimental forums and events such as Human Echoes – A Dialogue on Cultures of Listening and large scale curatorial initiatives such as Navigating History.

Since 2001 Proboscis has created a number of projects that explore the relationships between individuals, communities and the environments they inhabit. Our work has developed from an initial focus on the geographies of place to the social relationships that underpin it. Our projects have become rooted in deeper engagement with specific situations and contexts with our interventions taking place over longer periods of time. For participatory work Proboscis uses co-creative approaches – encouraging people to participate in making and sharing ideas through artistic processes and works: examples are the Urban Tapestries mapping platform, the DIFFUSION Generator (utilising the DIFFUSION eBook format), the Endless Landscapes, the StoryCubes, the Sound Scavenging kits and the Feral Robots for environmental sensing.


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