Wednesday, 28 November 2007

INTERREGNUM: In Between States

PSi # 14 conference in Copenhagen 2008, August 20-24

The PSi # 14 conference INTERREGNUM: In Between States takes place at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. It will represent the collaboration of several institutions in the ├śresund region, and seek to encourage interdisciplinary approaches to the concepts of vision and visuality within performance studies.
The conference will include areas beyond the traditional theatre studies approach, by emphasizing performance studies in relationship with visual arts. At the same time we wish to stress vision and visuality as areas of interest within disciplines other than art history, visual culture studies and media studies. This interdisciplinary focus on vision and visuality will be captured and developed throughout the conference under the theme of INTERREGNUM: In Between States.

To submit a proposal for the conference or find out more about the event please click the links above.

Please visit the Performance Studies international website for more information about the PSi organization.

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