Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Limited Language

And thanks to Johannes Tolk for this too:


limited Language is a brand which uses the web as a platform for generating writing about visual communication. the idea of the brand in this context is a deliberate conceit - to explore how words, like images, are commodities.


cutting, pasting and recycling are all properties of contemporary image culture and are present in the way we generate ideas. thoughts and conversations are cut and pasted from one context to the next, taking on a new significance in each. limited language aims to capture this as a working process for new writing.


like an image bank of stock photography, anyone can be part of limited language by responding to trigger blogs. once posted, we encourage people to recycle your comments in their own research, as we may collage them in to our own writing, with the aim to publish the resulting articles (any post eventually used will be credited to you).


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